Red Rocks Orthodontics is proud to acknowledge another year of TMJ Disorder Awareness Month this November. It is a common problem that effects millions of people every year. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat this. For our blog this month, we will look at what TMJ Disorder consists of and how we work together to treat it at Red Rock Orthodontics. 

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What is TMJ Disorder? 

The Temporomandibular joint is a complex articulation of the movable lower jaw (mandible) and the base of the skull (temporal bone) which makes it possible to close your mouth. Located on both sides of a patient’s head, the TMJ is a ball and socket joint with an intervening disc. All these parts work together with supporting jaw muscles and ligaments that allow a person to chew, speak, and swallow.  

TMJ disorder affects millions of Americans between ages 20 and 40. It causes significant jaw pain in the joint and along the muscles that control the jaw’s movement. It is sometimes difficult to identify the root cause. There are several different ways it can occur with no definitive way to prevent the disorder from occurring. 

What are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder? 

The most common symptoms reported for patients with TMJ Disorder include:  

  • Regular headaches and neck pain  
  • Pain in and around the ear  
  • Jaw pain, especially in the morning or late afternoon  
  • Sensitive teeth  
  • Soreness in the jaw muscle  
  • Trouble with opening and closing the mouth  
  • Clicking sound when the mouth opens or closes  
  • Difficulty biting, chewing, and yawning  

If you suffer from one or more of the following symptoms, consider scheduling an appointment with our offices in Payson and Spanish Fork, Utah. 

How does Red Rock Orthodontics Treat TMJ Disorder 

We believe in using every technological advancement available to our orthodontics office to more efficiently achieve our results. Our treatment options are the most technologically advanced for kids, teens, and adults. Call us today to make your appointment with Dr. Lee and learn more about how we can make your smile dreams come true at our Payson or Spanish Fork location. 

We are an experienced and passionate group of orthodontic rockstars specializing in “GRINgineering” (the science of happiness). Our dedication to keeping our community smiling goes far beyond our offices. Dr. Adam Lee and his wife Karen are passionate about education, arts, and sports and make it a priority to donate and contribute to worthy causes in the community. We promise to give you the best quality care that will result in a smile worth showing off. 


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