Our Promise

Welcome to Red Rock Orthodontics, the office of Dr. Adam Lee.

Girl with Braces

Our office is committed to providing an orthodontic experience that is second to none. It begins with the first phone call and continues long after the braces have been removed. You wear our “product” every day when you smile and we are committed to making you happy.

The simple solution:

Hire the best people + Do our best work + Be really kind + Be super helpful + Always stand by your work = Extremely happy patients with gorgeous smiles.

Or said differently:

We want to be your orthodontist, and your neighbor’s and your friend’s orthodontist too. Why on earth would you ever refer us to them if you aren’t thrilled beyond belief about your smile? You wouldn’t, so our theory is if we can make you really, really, really happy with our services, you’ll send your friends and family here so we can make them really, really, really happy, too.

Pure passion:

Dr. Lee was that geek in school who was always like actually interested in all that techno detailed stuff the professor was talking about. He did his homework every day, worked his butt off, graduated valedictorian at BYU and University of Iowa Dental School and now he’s like an orthodontic jedi. Ok that was over the top, but the point is this: We LOVE what we do. We feel we are artists at our craft. and we will ALWAYS stand behind our work. period.