It is hard to overestimate the value that orthodontic procedures provide for the people who receive them. Great orthodontists can help people permanently improve their comfort, health, and appearance. Maybe that is why the market for orthodontists is worth more than $12 billion every single year just in the United States!

One of the great advancements in orthodontics has been the invention of Invisalign. Some people think that Invisalign is only useful for correcting minor teeth alignment defects. They imagine that it cannot resolve problems like an open bite.

But is this really true? Read on to learn all about the most important things to understand about Invisalign and how it might be able to help you with an open bite!

How Invisalign Options Can Resolve an Incorrect Bite

It is mostly a myth that Invisalign cannot resolve significant orthodontic issues. However, this myth has a small amount of basis in fact. In extreme cases, it might be necessary to use more traditional braces to resolve teeth alignment problems.

However, that is only in extreme cases. In the vast majority of cases, Invisalign will be more than up for the task of resolving open bites as well as other orthodontic problems.

How Long Does an Invisalign Treatment Take for Bite Correction?

Some people think of Invisalign as a gentler approach to orthodontics. As a result, they imagine that it takes longer to achieve the same results. It is more accurate to think of Invisalign as a more precise type of orthodontics.

Improvements in orthodontic technology also allow Invisalign to achieve results faster than traditional methods. When it comes to an open bite, Invisalign might be able to solve it in as little as three months. Of course, some cases are likely to take longer.

However, standard braces usually take 18 months to three years to straighten a mouth full of teeth. Invisalign is often capable of doing the job in about 1 year.

In milder cases, Invisalign can even straighten your teeth in about 6 months! In other words, Invisalign is a consistently faster way to straighten teeth than traditional options.

Invisalign Is More Convenient Than Alternative Braces Options

When something gets a job done faster, it is often far less convenient. However, Invisalign is exactly the opposite.

One of the worst parts of traditional braces is how hard it can be to clean your teeth while wearing them. You have to somehow get a toothbrush with a special shape under the wire and between the brackets across every single one of your teeth.

This requires practice. Even once you know how to do it, it takes significantly longer than brushing your teeth the normal way.

How does Invisalign compare? For Invisalign, cleaning your teeth is exactly the same before and after you start treatment. That is because you can actually remove Invisalign for short amounts of time.

That means that you do not need special toothbrushes or special flossing tools. You can continue to use your usual teeth cleaning tools in the usual way.

This same basic idea applies to food as well. Another extremely inconvenient part of traditional braces is that they require you to avoid a long list of foods. Chewy foods, crunchy foods, tough foods, and hard foods can all knock off traditional metal braces or bend wires.

People who receive traditional braces have to memorize all the types of foods they need to avoid. How does Invisalign compare here?

Once again, Invisalign requires you to learn nothing new at all. After all, you can simply remove your Invisalign aligners while you eat. That means there is no chance that any food will damage them.

Invisalign Is Less Noticeable Than Other Options

Invisalign options aren’t just more convenient, they are also much subtler. Many people associate orthodontics with children and teens. That is because it can be difficult to receive orthodontic treatment later in life because of how distracting and unprofessional traditional metal braces can seem.

However, Invisalign solves this problem for children and adults alike. Invisalign is almost invisible. Unless somebody is specifically trying to notice your aligners, they are unlikely to detect any difference at all while you wear Invisalign.

On top of that, you can actually remove Invisalign for any especially important events if you really need to.

It is not advisable to remove your aligners for more than 2 hours total out of each day. However, that is more than enough time to take out your aligners for a brief photoshoot.

At the end of the day, if you really need to remove your aligners for longer than that, your treatment will probably take longer to finish. However, some people decide that it is worth taking longer to straighten their teeth for the convenience of being able to remove their aligners for other special occasions.

Not only does this make receiving orthodontic treatment much easier for those who are already going to receive it, but it also makes orthodontic treatment available to those who would not otherwise consider it a real option.

Professional adults can now straighten their teeth with a minimum of inconvenience and without people noticing the vast majority of the time. Invisalign allows people to do this without taking nearly as long as traditional braces and without having to learn special ways to eat or clean their teeth.

Understand How Invisalign Can Help With an Open Bite 

We hope learning about how Invisalign can help resolve an open bite has been helpful for you. Many people are unfamiliar with advancements in orthodontic technology like Invisalign. These advancements make orthodontic treatment more available than ever before!

To learn more about modern orthodontic treatment and the benefits it can provide, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!