The Technology

Hire an artist. You’ll never regret it.

The technology and tools we use are simply brushes in the artists hand. We believe in using every technological advancement available to more efficiently achieve our results. But in the end, its the hands and the eyes which turn paint and canvas into masterpieces.

Now having said that, what technologies are available for a modern orthodontic experience?

Damon Braces – braces, fast, efficient, simplified.
Conventional Metal Braces – for those who like colorful smiles.
Micro Braces – they just don’t get smaller than these.
Clear Braces – for those who’d rather be discrete about wearing braces.
Invisible Aligners – the removable, clean, alternative to braces.
Acceledent – for those who wish to reduce discomfort and speed things along.
Propel – for when teeth get a bit stubborn.
3D Cone Beam Tomography – allows full evaluation of all structures, including airways, because you’re not a Flat Stanley.
Temporary Anchorage Devices or TADs – Allows for smile changes that were impossible just a few years ago.
Orthognathic surgery – Allows for profile changes like a protrusive chin.
Airway and Sleep Diagnostics – Smiling is good, restful sleep is critical.
Digital Radiography – less radiation is better.
and other technological solutions… Things just keep getting better in orthodontics. For the full list and experience, you’ll just have to stop on by and meet us