The Finances

Truthfully, all kids and adults who need braces should be able to afford them. So we’ve created options for everybody so that obtaining that smile you’ve always wanted is perfectly affordable AND super simple.

Girl with Braces


A smile will last a lifetime. We’ve created simple payment solutions for your family budget. Obtaining that smile will be affordable. This is the one investment that will pay you back again and again – every time you see that smile 🙂


Most orthodontic offices charge fees that are fairly close to each other. Fee differences are easy to compare. What isn’t is what goes on behind the scenes and ultimately what goes into your smile. Bottom line is this: we work extremely hard to always have fees that are fair, competitive and reasonable. But what we pack into our fees simply gets you more for your dollar. And we will simply NEVER cut corners… ever. You will get the best, every time.


How much do braces cost?

In our practice, the cost of comprehensive orthodontic treatment ranges depending on the complexity of your case. It usually falls between $4400 and $6400 and most cases usually cost somewhere in the middle. Interceptive treatment or Phase I treatment usually costs just a fraction of that. Partial or limited treatment options are substantially less.

Will my insurance help pay for braces?

Many families have insurance which will help with the cost of orthodontic treatment. Be sure and bring your insurance information with you to your first appointment and our insurance specialist will help determine your exact benefits.

Are there hidden fees and charges that I’ll discover later?

No. Our fees are comprehensive. When you are given the cost of your treatment, it includes everything from start to finish, INCLUDING a back-up set of retainers. After 2 years of monitoring, there is a small fee if your retainer needs repair.

Will I be upsold a bunch of stuff?

No. We don’t charge extra for using the latest technology. We believe that is what you want to begin with. We only acquire the finest in appliances and orthodontic techniques. That’s what we would want for our kids.

What about invisalign? Damon braces? TADs? or other new technologies?

Aligner options and other technologies will be discussed with you at your initial exam. There are many new and exciting ways to create smiles these days. Aren’t you glad you’ll never have to consider wearing a headgear? The days of ugly braces is over. Welcome to a better way.

What about the nitty-gritty, fine print stuff?

There is none. We guarantee our work. Our fees are comprehensive. Simple.

Am I charged interest if I finance my treatment?

Nope. We have payment solutions for you and family that will meet your budget. Meet with our treatment coordinator and you’ll see just how affordable this is.

Can I use my flex spending accounts?

You bet. Many do and it can be a great tax benefit for you. We will help you.