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The Doctor

This is the page where we are supposed to convince you that we have a clue about how to do good orthodontics and that you’ve made a good decision. So we’ve thought about this from your perspective. Our patients are trusting us with their faces and you deserve to know a bit about who you’ve hired.

Creating a smile is a lot like designing and building a home and it requires hiring an artist who can accomplish your dreams. You’re not hiring a set of braces. You’re hiring a set of hands and a good mind. You will do this once. Let’s make sure it’s exactly how you want it. Make sure the team you’ve hired knows their stuff. You deserve to know a bit about who you’ve recruited to help out.

About Dr. Lee

EFFORT Hire someone who isn’t satisfied with mediocrity.

He's going to give you his best. He's given his best efforts to his education, graduating valedictorian at BYU in college and again as the top student in his dental class at the University of Iowa. He will work hard for you too. He’s been published in national orthodontic journals and received research awards while in dental school. Truth is, cutting corners is easy to do in life, and your smile isn’t a place you want to see that happen.

ART Brackets and wire don’t create a smile, a set of hands does.

Dr Lee is an artist who loves to paint and sculpt. He is a musician who loves to compose music. He is a craftsman who loves interior design, architecture and woodwork. Hire an artist. You'll never regret it.

TECHNIQUES Will it work? and will it stay stable?

Orthodontics can be accomplished many different ways. Not to bore you with the details, but know that Dr. Lee works exceptionally hard at selecting techniques that are cutting edge, comfortable, efficient and stable. He continues constantly his endless pursuit of education and learning. He spares no expense at incorporating the finest in orthodontic products for his patients. And he backs it up with the best guarantee you’ll ever get on anything.


Dr. Lee loves all things musical, from plays to concerts to personal time at the piano or with a guitar. He adores a good date with his wife of 20 years. His 4 kids keep him busy as a cheerleader at all their activities. In his next life, he wants to be a chef. He dreams of going back to culinary school… or maybe architectural school. He loves to create. And all summer long he prays for snow - a day skiing in the Rockies is simply his favorite thing.